Bad Weather Is No Match for Us

We’ll repair any hail damage to your car

Did a recent storm ding up your car? Don’t worry – we’ll even out the bumps. El Paso Dent Repair offers high-quality paintless repairs. We’ll fix your car’s damage without taking off the panels or repainting your exterior. Hail damage disappears after an hour or two in the El Paso Dent Repair shop!

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5 ways to avoid expensive hail damage repair

5 ways to avoid expensive hail damage repair

We see a good bit of hail in this part of Texas. Here are a few ways to prevent damage to your vehicle:

  1. Always park in covered areas.
  2. Invest in a car cover. You can buy a covering that’s specifically made to prevent hail dings, or you can cover your car with a layer of thick blankets.
  3. Hide out in a hail storm. If you know a hail storm is coming through your area, avoid driving.
  4. Buy comprehensive car insurance. This type of insurance covers weather-related damages.
  5. Choose El Paso Dent Repair to fix your hail damage dents. We offer paintless dent repair at a low cost.
Sometimes all the prevention in the world won’t help. When your car’s dinged up, trust El Paso Dent Repair to make it look good as new.